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RESTAURANTS Open until 10pm


Starting Uni can be daunting yet becoming a Uni student comes with a host of new, exciting opportunities and experiences. Meeting new people, learning new things, discovering yourself – all whilst maintaining a vibrant social life. Whilst the prospect of kitting out your student home may seem like a chore on top of everything else, it can be much simpler than you may think. We’ve pulled together a list of homeware essentials and tips to ensure you have everything you need for the new academic year, with prices that won’t break the bank.

Moving away from home means finding new comforts and routines. Your bedroom will become one of your most sacred spaces. A space away from the chaotic and bustling Uni atmosphere, making it even more important to prioritise comfort. Make the space unique to you with the addition of a new duvet and duvet covers, with hundreds of patterns and colours to choose from. And when you’re not sleeping, you’re going to need a comfortable area to get work done– so a new desk chair, and an adjustable desk lamp are at the top of our must haves!

Duvet- John Lewis ANYDAY £18-25                                                        


Duvet Cover – Primark Home £12

Desk Chair – John Lewis ANYDAY £79

Desk Lamp – John Lewis ANYDAY £25

Student meals aren’t usually known to be Michelin star, but with some nice kitchenware, cooking may seem a lot less of a hassle. As a student, all you will need are the simple, but practical, essentials to kit out your cupboards. A set of pans, some cutlery and crockery are the staples in any kitchen. And what better way to prepare for an early morning lecture than with a hot cup of tea or coffee – a kettle is arguably the most important item in a kitchen: it’s a must. Additionally, some sturdy kitchen tools are helpful to have. Tongs, a wooden spoon, a spatula, serving spoons etc... and within no time you’ll be cooking up some delicious, yet simple dishes with ease.

kitchen utensils – John Lewis ANYDAY £15

Mugs – Primark Home £1 each

12 pack Dinner Set – Primark Home £32

Tea Towels, 5 pack- Primark Home £1.50

Cookbook – M&S £5

Although your Uni experience is guaranteed to be full of late nights and parties, you’re also going to have a lot of knuckling down to do. To help prepare, make sure you’ve updated your ‘back to school’ essentials. Stationery, a reusable water bottle, a bag and a notebook are all must haves to ensure your first few days settling in are as stress-free as possible. No one wants to be asking to borrow a pen on their first day.

Water bottle – Primark £2.50

Notebook – TYPO £3.50

Tote Backpack – TYPO £35

Sticky notes – WHSmith - £2.99

Written notes aren’t your thing? We’ve got you covered. Efficiency is crucial in an educational setting, meaning sometimes having pieces of paper with written notes lying around is not always helpful, nor practical. We’ve compiled some major discounts on laptops and other tech items that are sure to make your Uni experience a better one, ensuring your hard work is safe from getting lost.

Bose Quiet Comfort Earbuds - Save £49 - Current Price £229.95. Offer ends: 5th September 2023.

We hope that this whistle stop tour of our top tips and tricks has been useful, and we wish you the best of luck in your upcoming endeavours. Don’t miss our first ever Student Event on Thursday 31st August, we’ve partnered with some of your favourite stores to bring you unbeatable deals on everything you need as a student. Find out more here. 

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